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Make Windows 8.1 Skip Start Screen and Boot Straight to … Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. Comments. The biggest complaints people had about the first iteration of Windows 8 was the omission of a Start Button, and no easy wait to boot straight to the desktop. In Windows 8.1, the Start Button is back, and you can make it boot directly to the desktop.

Windows 8.1 Show Desktop button size. Share this post.It is really bugging me because its so darn smaller now and I do use it to show the desktop in many instances. When I turn off my windows 8.1 desktop it stays on | …

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Windows 10 [GameBanana] [Forum Threads] Generally speaking it's better than Windows 8 for sure, but in some aspects i don't like the path MS is headed. I couldn't care less about cortana (like most of the apps that come preinstalled which are just noise to me), by default the OS… 21 Windows 8.1 Tips Struggling with a Windows 8.1 notebook or tablet? Here are 21 tips for making it until the Windows 10 release.

Windows 8.1 Update 1: 10 Key Changes - … Windows 8's reliance on touch alienated many longtime Microsoft customers, and Windows 8.1 appears to have undone only some of the damage to the product's reputation. The update coming this spring appears to still lack a Start menu, which will disappoint desktop users. Still, a version of Windows 8 that works better on non-touch devices can Start Screen Layout - Specify Default in …

Windows 8.1: Make Using Modern Apps From the Desktop Easier Modern apps on Windows 8.1 are often an afterthought on a traditional PC or laptop. If you prefer the desktop, here's some ways to make using apps easier.

Windows 8.1 is the new update by Microsoft offering you great interface and amazing features.You can change themes, apply wallpapers and add widgets on Desktop. Windows 7 made things more fluid. No icons or fences by start windows 8 desktop » Forum … When I start windows 8 and go to my desktop, I only see the taskbar and the background picture.The Fences 2.1 desktop and icons also appear when Windows (File) Explorer is started. This would seem to suggest that the problem is something to do with the way that Fences interacts with the... Top Three Remote Desktop Software for Windows 8.1/8